Update fails on Z18

I’m trying to update to v3.2.5 on my Z18 and always get this error message…

Anyone any ideas? Seems not to be possible to install this update…

Oh and battery is at around 80%…

Thanks in advance

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BllocFlash doesn’t work this time? If I remember correctly you had update problems before, right? :pensive:

I made it to completely reset the phone and install a complete version.
Now I tried to use the update, which resulted in an error. Then I saw on the upper right corner that it seems also to be possible a full image. Haven’t seen that before. Tried that and the update went good. System settings now tell me that it’s 3.2.5 but Blloc mode still shows 3.2.4…

Maybe @olivier could take a look at this as I’m afraid I won’t be of any help. >.<

Hi @derkolarsky, can you confirm if in Settings -> System -> about phone said that you have 3.2.5 please? In that case, can you go to OTA app and press on “full-image” part and install it, please?
If you have any problems that installation should help you!

Hi @Nostalgia! What version do you have? You can check on Settings -> System -> About Phone

Hi @dimusa… Settings –> System –> About tells me, I have Blloc MNML version 3.2.5. Same info is shown, when I go to Settings –> System –> Systemupdates.

But in Blloc mode itself in the Blloc mode settings I see only v3.2.4… That’s a bit strange?!??!?


@derkolarsky Hello Ralf! In that case, you already have latest versions availables. Latest version of BllocMode is 3.2.4 yet