Update 3.2.5 :)

Recieved Latest Update.
Running Stable on Samsung S8+
Google search is working .
No bugs so far .
Battery has adjusted to the UI .
Backup has improved .


In my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 update is looping. It is showing update available open Blloc service. after that whenever I am downloading and installing update it is showing update installed. but no change in ratio service. even after rebooting phone update showing up again but not installing properly. What to do???

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Well , first Clear Cache of Blloc Services.
Install Blloc Services Version 5 at first.
Restart the Phone .
Clear the cache again .
Now Install Ratio 30205 .
Wait for installation to complete.
Once Done.
You’ll see Ratio automatically Restarting .
Now restart your phone .

Hope this works for you .

Using the google function in the root panel to look for a domain (i.e. google.com rather than just google) works (it opens the tab of the browser) but leaves an epty card in the root panel which cannot be deleted unless the root is cleared completely. It works fine otherwise. Cheers for the much appreciated feature. Thanks!

Using the search bar in root opens Google search, while opening from home or tile screen opens Google play

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Correct me if I’m wrong, though, but wouldn’t searching from the Tiles screen only search the apps on your phone? In your case, it’s likely that the first app result is the one of the Play apps, and that’s probably why it happens.

Ah no, I actually just typed gracilaria and it opened playstore

Doesn’t it do that when no app with the searched name is installed? In case you want to install a new one you can search the play store from home screen

This update reverted my Pixel 4 to Ratio Lite for some reason. I had installed Ratio Pro through my PC. Will this change back?

dint work … it keeps asking for updates