Uninstalled ratio but not downloading again

I had installed ratio because I was unable to use the app as it kept throwing code not valid errors on Blloc pro and Blloc light. I even reset the code, cleared the cache, restarted my phone several times and finally uninstalled the app to reinstall it again but nothing seems to work.
I just keep getting the same error saying no updates. Now I don’t have ratio at all

Are you able to install through the Ratio Lite link?

Can you try resetting through members.blloc.com ?

Please update here and mention your device. Thanks.

Hi, I reset my code and applied it, but it didn’t download ratio… it just says NO UPDATES.
I am currently using a OnePlus 6 (A6000).

It downloaded the first time I received a mail from Blloc but ratio didn’t work, so I uninstalled ratio and blloc services and now ratio doesn’t install at all…

Do you have blloc services installed? If so, please delete it. Then try again.

did it 3 times already…

Ok. Let me create a sticky with your tag in order to take a look into it. Give me one second. Also, please Dm me or join our discord so that we can give you user support. Otherwise just wait for the devs to respond.

my Discord username: Manav#7200

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Dear @jbriones95, I am facing a similar issue. I first installed blloc light on my device and then deleted it on seeing that it may have been bit limited from the pro version, but I’m not able to download the pro version as I’m getting a message on block desktop that “Code not found or assigned to another phone”

@chandra reset code via http://members.blloc.com/