Uninstall Update

Is there any method to uninstall update, the recent update just ruined the whole layout, I preferred the previous version, and wish to revert back to previous version of ratio

Why. This is Layout is good. It just made it possible to use ratio in one hand easily now.

It’s good. My :thought_balloon: thoughts

Yeah it’s good for some, bad for others (including me, I have no problem reaching the top of my device one handed)
But because it makes using the software easier for some it should be an option not a total change of design .
Personally I think Ratio needs alot of customization because obviously people using it differently, some use it for productivity, others for the minimal design (the previous version had a better design aesthetics ) and definitely there is who use it for both .

Exactly, it should be an option, not total overhaul of the launcher design, since not all devices have same screen size, not everyone uses OP7tpro, the centered drawers make it difficult for me to use it in OP6t since the screen size is small


This is acceptable point.

#ratio mainly focus on minimalism I guess. Giving so much option to customize will not a good idea.

This is like spending time to customize not to spend more time.

Well I’m not talking about unnecessary customizations that makes it lose the minimal design (centered drawers is not minimal looking to me when I have something in the middle of the screen and wasted space on both sides instead of one ), if you know what you want you won’t spend alot of time customizing, I used nova launcher prime for the past five years which is highly customizable and I only played with it once and that’s it.
Bringing costumers simple customizations to suit everyone’s need is definitely not a waste of time .

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Yes. I agree it’s not minimal. But it makes one handed usage of mobile. Instead of streaching to the top.

For example oneplus has folders which are now in the bottom when compared 2 years back it’s in the middle and some samsung phones it’s aligned from top. Now everyone making phone usable by just one hand. All android manufacturers are doing this. So why not #ratio.

And again it’s upto one’s personal favorite. I am saying it’s good to have drawers comes down instead my fingers go.

There is no wasted space in top. You can see pinned cards now with the latest update

And I’m not disagreeing with you, it’s a useful feature and I said that from the beginning BUT it should be “OPTIONAL” .


For me personally I don’t pin cards I like my home screen clean that’s another option that should be OPTIONAL
And these are examples of the simple customizations I was talking about

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Then it should be clean for you I guess. Your homescreen. I also want clean but with useful minimal features are OK for me. So pinning weather, notes is really a good thing.

One way is possible. If any pinned cards are there it will automatically make drawers below them. It based on pinned cards size. If no cards pinned then drawers are there in tiles or roots then drawers will automatically moved to top. Top size depends on pinned cards. If 2 cards pinned then only that size drawers will move in the bottom. Instaed of padding top with some space below cards will move drawers even lower. So I don’t have any space to double tap.

@BobbyV8 @jbriones95 please look into this. I think it needs to be improved.

Yeah of course it’s really useful, but swiping once to check weather and notes is Really OK for me :wink:
Again it’s a personal preference that’s why they should let us choose.

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I believe devs are creating an option for non centered drawers. Keep waiting. Thanks.

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Okay thanks!

That’s fine with you, but I don’t want pinned cards and my fingers reach top drawer fine
But like I’m not forcing you to use top drawer, you can continue with them in middle, but why are qe forced to center drawer,
I just want a feature to toggle that off
Otherwise I’ll find a way to revert back

Hey amigo,

I am just giving my ideas. That’s it

Because now a days phone screens are getting bigger but also compact.

Noted, will be reported

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