Unarchive Chats when a new message comes in

First of all I have to say that I’m very impressed with the development of the Ratio Launcher!
I decided to give it another try after not using it for almost a year and I really appreciate all the improvements the launcher has seen in the meantime! Great work!

Now let’s get to my “Problem”:
Currently archived conversations will stay archived when a new message comes in.

To me that is very unintuitive and kind of defeats the whole purpose of the Archive for me!
I currently use the archiving-function to keep my “Tree” as slick and tidy as possible and I will archive any conversation that I replyed to. This keeps the list short and reminds me of the conversations I have yet to reply.
But that doesn’t make any sense when archived conversations stay archived even after my contact replied to me, because then I won’t notice the answer in my tree.

My solution: Automatically push a conversation out of the archive if it recieves a new message.

Other than that I want to follow up on the “BlackBerry Hub”-Dream mentioned in this forum before.
For me the Blackberry Hub with it’s amazing feature-set (Sorting, Reply, Schedule, etc.) and the great integration into BlackBerry OS were the main selling point of BlackBerry at the time. The way it pulled all my messages (Email and every Socialmedia-Service I used) into one central place
while still staying organised was just too impressive and a delight to use!

In my (wildest) dreams the “Tree” could one day be like a Blackberry Hub but paired with the awesome UI and UX of the Blloc-Team. Should you turn that into reality you have a huge Unique Selling Point over the competition!


Perhaps it’s just me but I am liking the current state…
I want to find a place to temporarily make my distracting chats disappear… :sweat_smile:

Haha :smiley: Well I didn’t think about that - maybe we can leave the Archive as it is and mark conversations as “processed” to make them temporarily disappear from the main-view of the tree… :thinking:

I just feel like without such an option the tree gets crowded really quickly especially since it still lacks the filters and sorting options that e.g. BB Hub had :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I can see how it’s useful!

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Personally I agree with @Furo here, in Gmail for instance an archived conversation gets unburied if a new reply is coming in. I actually think that’s the behaviour the user would anticipate, at least I would (though I never archived a chat in the tree so far).

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Time for: Another toggle :joy: