Unable to update to v3.2.9 on Xiaomi Note 8T

I know this is probably a known issue but I am not able to update to v3.2.9.
Could be a Xiaomi issue however all the past updates worked like charm.
It seems the updated apk is not downloading. Strange thing is that there is data trafic whilst downloading but nothing in download list.
Any idea on what to do to push this update? Are developers working on this issue?
Things I’ve tried: reseting Blloc Services, clearing cache and data, checking storage permission. Nothing worked.
Please help, thanks.

I had a similar issue with my Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro. I was given the following advice that worked, you could try it.
Go to members.blloc.com , login with the email you received the code on and then reset the code from the site. Then use the newly generated code and try again.

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You could install Ratio directly from play store.
Here is the link for the app --> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bllocosn
you won’t be needing Blloc services as all the updates would be handled by google play store and not Blloc services


Thanks, best solution ever. Top man :ok_hand:Cheers!