Unable to Toggle Night/Reading Mode On

Even when you exit the launcher and switch back to Oxygen OS or even force stop Ratio you can never switch in Night mode and reading mode ON on the OnePlus 7 Pro , It just disables it ! Just can’t switch it on.


Hi, we’re working on a fix for that, we will probably publish an update with this fix the coming days/next week.


Update would be Pushed directly to the ratio app or would we need the blloc desktop ?

For now updates are done with BllocDesk. There will be an updater app soon.


Thanks for a swift and precise response.

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Any ETA on this issue?

This should be already fixed in the latest update. To enable night mode you have to disable color mode changes from Ratio settings


Hello, even after uninstalling the app, I can’t toggle the comfort mode/night mode and screen colour, any fixes ? V3.2.3:27

In ratio settings you need to turnoff monochrome mode especially for some devices

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Did that too, the settings worked for a few moments, then again froze

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Never mind, figured that out. Seems like after toggling the colour correction option (or as in my LG, colour adjustment) on to again off, those options work. All thanks to @B_Wrath for this idea :grin: