Unable to swipe to pin in root - OP7Pro

I saw on youtube that we can pin stuff like weather and spotify in root, but nothing seems to happen when I try to swipe to the right. I can’t reveal the trash or pin icon when I try it for spotify or weather. Any tips?

Thanks for the tips guys! :slight_smile: Tapping on the left edge even without the swiping to the right gesture works great.


It’s very sensitive. Try to be smoother on swiping. It is getting fixed so that it’s a bit more reliable :slight_smile:

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you have to tap and move slowly to the right on the very left edge of the widget


Hi, you can either swipe (difficult indeed when you use gestures) or just tap once the left border of the screen:


hey, how did you rearrange the shortcuts (Weather then Spotify then news like that)

They are rearranged in order of usage.

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