Unable to install ratio

Hey I just received my installtion key for ratio on my pixel. So I tried the installation but had but I had an issue with java therefor I decided to reinstall blocc Desk. Now Blloc Desk works fine but I can not reenter my verification key it says: “Code not found or assigned to an another phone”.

Would be nice if someone could help me with that I have been waiting for months for a blloc launcher!

Hi enis-koray, try this code: 59NZay5HA

Thank you! The code worked fine but during the installation my phone suddenly looses the connection without any reason. Is there an apk version available I can just install on my phone?

Can you explain more what happened ? what phone model are you using ?
unfortunately not, as BllocDesk sets up a lot of other stuff next to the apk, including activating your license (invitation code) or else Ratio wont work.

Of course I am using a Pixel 3 which might be the problem. Its running android 10 unrooted.
I did everything as it was said in the instructions and connected my phone to the computer and it was detected successfully. When starting the installation at 20% (Installing Icons) my phone suddenly was disconnected accoring to BllocDesk, but it wasn’t and this error message poped up:
I retried a couple of times but it didn’t work.

Thanks for your help!

ok yeah Pixel 3 is not supported yet we only support 4 at the moment, as we haven’t tested our selves. But could you maybe upload us your logs (Help > upload logs) could be useful still to learn what happened.

Alright then I need to be patient I guess. I just uploaded my logs :slight_smile:

Hii I am having the problem with verification code… the code I got dose not work…Can anyone please help me out? I have OnePlus 7t pro

Is it OnePlus 7t pro McLaren or normal 7t pro ??

It’s OnePlus 7t pro McLaren edition

Okay requesting adham for new invite code for your device, please wait

Yes please…
Thanks in advance

How long do you think till get a new code ??

Let me share you mine, try that if it work out I’ll request for another one, check your PM

Using Oneplus7Pro Received the invite. Turned on dev mode , turned out usb debugging , notification appears as USB Debugging connected but the pop up to always allow doens’t appear and hence I’m unable to install.

Have tried unplugging and replugging the usb and used different ports a number of times. Help me out

Hi @Prakash which BllocDesk are you using to install Ratio? the windows version or the mac one? do you get any error in BllocDesk?

The windows version on a 64 bit OS

The usb debugging shows connected but nothing happening as it still says waiting for usb connection

Hi @Prakash. In Blloc Desk on the top left corner you will the menu icon, when you click on it you will find the option to upload your logs (“Upload Logs”). Please click on it and tell me right after you have done it so I can check the logs which can help us identify your problem.