Unable to install on Oneplus 6T- Unsupported device

I just received my invitation from BLLOC :slight_smile:

Tried installing via desktop- Is oneplus 6T supported fully. why do i get this error screen (attached) when attempting to setup via desktop?
Oneplus 6T - OS Version - Oxygen OS 10.3.3
BLLOC desktop version - Beta 0.7.7

Tried installing via mobile link app -Also tried installing the lite version from the mobile link, a small APK file got downloaded, and keeps showing as no updates available. How do i atleast install this Ratio Launcher?



I also have the same issue too.

The install works if you use the Ratio Light link in your email download the APK and install it that way.

Please refer to this thread. Thank you

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thank you very much!! hopefully this helps

when I click the link on my email to download the apk. there is a download but after installing apk. I enter the code but says no updates… may be I try waiting for 6 hours as suggested below by jbriones95.
also no invite code still may be I wait longer and check spam…

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@denver2020 Yes. Please wait to get all of the emails :slight_smile:

Thank you!

@wilfredwong8 i also read somewhere on this forum here that someone else with a pixel had a similar issue… and there was a reply mentioning server load on Blocc side… may be we wait :frowning:

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there’s also a survey we need to do to activate the code. unfortunately i haven’t received that yet.

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@wilfredwong8 , correct may be we keep waiting … haha

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@denver2020 The bulk of the waiting is done though! You are close to it! :smiley:

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indeed :slight_smile:

Guys, thanks heaps for your responses, i have now officially installed Blocc hahaha:)

@wilfredwong8, hope you had luck, just retried the desktop app and worked like a charm

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After installing the Ratio lite apk, still it shows no updates and I have waited for more than 15 hours now.
I tried many times but couldn’t do it.
Mine is OnePlus 6.
Any help appreciated.


Yeah I got mine to work too!! Woo hoo!

So they have removed the need to do a survey as far as I can tell.

You may want to try installing it using the Bllocdesk app. It will show a security message but you can bypass it by pressing more info (something like that) then pressing the run button that pops up.

ya guess there is some kind of a block and we need to wait, cos there is no other requirements, even the survey is not required , so no need to wait for that email in your spam…