Unable to install in Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Device brand and model:

Pocophone F1

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Device is not supported yet. Use blloc ratio lite if you have invite code

Enable “Install by USB”, should be under the “USB Debug” option in developer options. Worked for me. That’s MIUI.


its not finished

No. idea. try giving USB debugging like @Kryos said and for lite give permission to install apps from blloc services

Try reinstalling Blloc desk and follow the instructions I’ve suggested you in other thread.

Do remember that you will face code already used error if you’ve submitted it on Lite version.
To reset code, http://members.blloc.com/

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where can i get invitation code i never got one

Then you can’t install ratio. You should have got an email with invite code and link to join in blloc community

i got a link to join community but i didn’t find any invitation code in it

Can you check spam / junk / all mail / promotions or all mail?

i checked everything but i cannot find it anywhere

Kindly wait for the next batch of invites. Which device are you on?

am using pocophone f1

I’m using Pocophone f1, But I can not install it on my phone!
When I’m able to install it on my phone?

Did you get all of the emails?? You receive an email with a code and a link to download Ratio via .apk

Then you install that way. If you haven’t received ALL the emails, please wait until then. Thank you!

It shows!

Error installing

Error happened /data/local/tmp/bllocservices.apk could not be installed (INSTALL_FAILED_USER_RESTRICTED: Install canceled by uses)


Doesn’t seem to working I tried on my poco F1 too.

You need to enable usb security settings also for xiaomi devices anf file transfer when connection via usb

Under USB Debugging enable “Install via USB” and “USB Debugging (Security Settings)”, this will work I have done this and been able to install Ratio on Poco Successfully.

I am stuck in this endless loop of update download. I am trying to install it only on my phone.