Tutorial : How to Set Custom Wallpaper on Ratio 4

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I’m sure you guys have already read it about Ratio 4 Public Launch with Tree (A Messaging hub that Combines all your Messaging platform at one place):christmas_tree:.

Hope you guys like it and here’s a quick Tutorial about How to Set up a Custom Wallpaper on Ratio 4 Launcher.

1 => Head to Ratio Settings

2 => Expand the General Tab

3 => Click On Use Custom Wallpaper

4 => Select Your Preferred Wallpaper Selection (Select Light<-> Select Dark)

5 => Select Your Image from Gallery or Photos And the preview will show as you see in this Screenshot

Click Apply after Selecting the Wallpaper.

6 => After Clicking the Apply button You can Select the Option For Setting the image as Wallpaper and Lockscreen or Wallpaper Only

7 => Hurraaayyyy You Have Successfully Set your Wallpaper in Ratio and A Dialog box will show you the Confirmation as Shown in below Screenshot.

8 => Here’s a Result I set a Dark mode Wallpaper

I Hope above tutorial helps you…

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:+1: Thank you for tutorial


Nice! Thank you~


Thank you very much, for some strange reason I did not see the option to select a wallpaper until I restarted the phone.


Thanks much for the tutorial. I just can’t seem to get a custom picture to show up as in step 5 .
I’m running Android 10 on a Samsung Note 10 + .


Ahhh. Never mind …a restart solved the issue . LOVE THIS RATIO 4



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Is there a way to change the text to have bold outlines or black text? Its hard to see the text if a light or white background is used.

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Text in Sun mode is dark. You shouldnt have issues reading text if you use one of our dark/light wallpaper combinations, since they are specifically made and tested for use in Ratio.
You can always use your own custom wallpapers, but we don’t recommend white or very bright wallpapers. We might change text in Light mode to be dark at some point (like it is in Sun mode) if we see it works better.


I posted this on another thread before seeing this

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