Tree to Tree chat app

it’s my personal suggestion to add a new features. ratio should work on default sms app like imessage and google message. Tree should be default app and use for sms while offline and works like chat app while online and ratio company should also work on end to end encryption video&voice calling and chats. :heart:


I like the idea of having an entire-encompassing system for communication revolving around the Tree, but I think it’s also a little resource intensive! It’ll take a lot of people and time to build such systems - especially ones with end-to-end encryption, which requires a lot of robust hacking and fixing.

In the meantime, though, the idea of having the Tree itself is already neat to have for me. An interesting suggestion!


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Definitely liked the idea, but I’d still think Ratio needs more polishing as a launcher first, than as a messaging app, which involves a lot of things. I will be more than happy if Tree will be able to provide the similar messaging experience with the other messaging apps.


I’m the opposite. I have several threads that I’d like to keep separate, particularly for secure messaging, and I wish that Tree could serve other purposes. (Like news aggregation or even just a swipe to open camera function)

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