Tree Support for Ratio

After installing Ratio on my OnePlus 7 pro I am really impressed and amazed but the simple yet very functional launcher. However when I was going the website I saw the conversation view, aka tree view, and so desperately wanted to have that feature. Unfortunately I believe it’s only in the Os itself.

Question is are you willing to implement that in the launcher as well? That would be so cool and a true wish come true.



They will update this…hopefully. maybe in the near future…its one of the most requested feature…


yeah…very sure they’ll get this amazing feature into launcher soon… me too waiting for it :heart_eyes:

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Yes. It’s coming :slight_smile: just wait hehe


Its kinda becoming my primary themed launcher now. Was never a fan of either android or ios skins. But this one caught my eye.

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I am here for the Messaging Tree :laughing:


The tree is currently being developed and tested internally. It’s a big part of our vision and we can’t wait to share it with you. It’s definitely coming to devices that support Ratio, not only the Z18. We will communicate here when you can test it, but for now I can say that it’s coming very soon. Thanks a lot for sharing your interest with us!


Much appreciated your efforts mate. Keep up the good work.

wowsome :heart_eyes: you guys are amazing :clap:t2:

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Again one more time you make me super excited. Can’t wait to see what you guys done. I am waiting



That’s great news. Keep up the good work guys :+1: thank you :heart:

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I would love this, too. I realize it’s quite a bit more complicated to do on Android, but this would definitely make Ratio a major contender for best launcher.

If I had to install a custom ROM for this feature, I would be glad to!

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There are many features that no other launcher provides right now…
Tree would be an icing on the cake. :sunglasses:

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Great work guys… I’m eagerly waiting to have that feature on my phone

Please follow up in trello. Tree is the upcoming feature in next update

Is the Tree feature supports ratio lite or only for Ratio pro???

Pro. It needs some permission to run tree

So how can i get the Pro version and the Tree feature? My device is an unsupported device, when i try to install pro version in my phone this is the situation​:point_down::point_down::point_down:

@mohan.theerthala Please fill a unsupported device request with enough screenshots from different parts of the application for developers to see the graphics in your device. Thanks for helping.

Awesome :joy: I love it

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