Tree malfunctioning

Some of my WhatsApp messages just won’t show up in tree section
Its annoying :rage:
What should i do

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Could you be more specific as to the issue? If possible share screenshot.
ie - are messages from chats that are muted in WhatsApp?

Then we can see if the issue can be troubleshooted.

Also, shifting this to the Ratio category as this is for issues related to RatioTool. (It helps the devs with order and finding issues better)

Actually some of my WhatsApp messages were showing in tree section but message from a specific person isn’t showing in tree section though i get message notification from WhatsApp
No man the person isn’t muted
I don’t know why this is happening with just a single person from my WhatsApp and all others were showing in tree.
Its annoying
There might be some issue with tree😬
Plzz solve this fast😕

I’m not a dev btw, just a guy whose been around for abit and who’ll help out if I can.

First open WhatsApp and make sure all chats have been opened. (As in there’s none that is marked unread)

Then try restarting your device then contact a random friend to send a test message. Then tell the person you’re having issues with to send a test message as well.

Let’s see if both appear on Tree

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Definitely i will try that
Thanks for helping buddy

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