Tree in one plus 7 pro

when will the update tree feature get released?

i was lookin on s20+ and i cant see the tree either, i installed over the desktop

Roadmap says it’s current being worked on for next update.

Patience peeps, it’s coming soon :grin:

lol the still didn’t implement in the launcher still

The Tree is still an ongoing feature that the team is working to implement everywhere! I assume that it’s hard to at the moment because of the amount of permissions needed and the complexity of it.

You can check the Public Roadmap in the meantime to see any updates/new implementations the team has planned for future updates!


It’s a beta software. It takes time to implement new features. The ratio roadmap suggests it is due for next update. Let’s hope for the best.

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i know i know …
i replied to the other guy i dint question uh pal