Tree implementation date

I can’t be more excited… I am waiting for the tree option. We are almost done with November and we still do not have access to ratio 4 and the tree… Anyone here knows the date of launch?

Thanks for your enthusiasm! :smiley:

The release of Ratio4 has been delayed (as you can tell; it’s the end of November!). We aren’t sure when to expect the release of Ratio4, or whether another release date will be given. Notwithstanding, I think it’s better not to push for another release date. Release dates are there to keep the community up to date, but things can get bad should a delay occur!

As you know, the Tree is a major feature; bugs are being ironed out in the beta. It will take time for the stability of the Tree to improve. As much as this advice is beginning to drone on and on, the best we can do is to be patient as the team works on it.

Let us let Blloc do what they do best, at their own discretion of when to announce, release, and provide updates on Ratio4. Hang on!