Tree cuts off Instragram messages and messenger media

I love the Tree feature! However there are some bugs that make it a little annoying to use. My two biggest concerns are that long messages (only noticed on instagram messages so far) get cut off which then means I still have to go into instagram to check the full message - making it redundant.
Another issue that makes it hard to use Tree is that multimedia messages (photos, videos) don’t allow for an easy way to download the content to see it in Tree - again making me go into the app to check the message.
Hopefully these issues can be fixed in future updates!!

Phone: Pixel 4a
Ratio v4.1.0

Hey, welcome to the community.
Regarding the long messages on Instagram: because facebook doesnt offer APIs to retrieve and send messages through Insta, whatsapp, and messenger lite, we have to resort to using other ways of doing this (Ratio reads notifications and your screen when you are in these apps to recreate the conversations in the Tree).
As such, there are limitations in the amount of data that is stored in a notification. This is why for long messages it is unavoidable that they get cut off at some point. Unfortunately no way around this (although this will not happen for Telegram conversations, since Telegram has an API).

As for more easily downloading media (images, video, etc) that you receive, we will be introducing an auto-download setting in a future update that will make this less of a hassle

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