Translation problems

Hello everyone, I noticed very big mistakes in translation into Russian. Can I somehow help with the translation to fix these errors?

*Sorry if I created the topic incorrectly

Hey! If possible, can you tell me what’s wrong? I am not translating Russian but I think it helps for the Russian translator to know~

Posting the screenshot and Corrected translation could be helpful.

Here, for example, the literal translation of “root” may be completely incomprehensible to some people. In this place, according to the norms of the Russian language, something like “For a start” or “start” would be best suited.
And here, for some reason, the capital letter turned into a lowercase letter.

I also noticed a lot of untranslated phrases, which greatly spoils the impression of the launcher.

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Untranslated phrases are simply a bug that’s pending fixing. Thanks for the report tho! I will try to refer that to the Russian translator~

Ha thanks for the effort.

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