Toggle all apps to grayscale

Is there a way to toggle all apps to greyscale/color and vice versa? I know that in the edit apps and drawers I can do it but it is only one app at a time. Maybe an option to set all apps to greyscale/color? And also maybe take into consideration of newly installed apps as well?


I love this launcher btw. Can’t wait for new updates :slight_smile:


There’s no such option as of now, you could post on the wishlist if you’d want such a thing.


You carry manually toggle the greyscale either by triggering the assistant gesture (when you set ratio as assistant app) or by using the QS toggle.


But did not able to set ratio as assistant? Help

Kindly guide me fix this issue

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You have to enable that option in the ratio settings first.

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I did not find any option there to set ratio as assistant app. There are only two option shows, none and google. When I enable the option in ratio settings for ratio as assistant app but nothing happen.
Please help. I don’t understand

What phone are you using? I’m using the Samsung Note 10+ and to activate the ratio assistant I have to hold the home button like how I usually “call” for my google assistant. In this way, it toggles to color or grayscale and vice versa for the app.

Ok now I got the QS toggle button to shift to grey scale it is android feature already have in the name of bedtime mode in QS toggle in my redmi 8A dual device.

Bedtime mode is android.
Color mode toggle is by ratio.

Please add a dialer in ratio style. It would be better