Toggle all apps to grayscale, including newly installed apps

This was proposed earlier, but I’m putting it in the new category for greater visibility.

I installed Ratio today after eyeing it for a time, and in the setup I found that I want most of my apps to be in greyscale, with exceptions few and far between. I’d like a way to make this possible without having to go one by one through all my apps… what a pain! The setting could also default new apps to greyscale, for the user to manually override on an app-by-app basis.

Hi there.

You mean all apps’ tiles should look in same color grey/black/classic/yellow with a single swith. Correct?

Is that so, I agree.

No, sorry for the ambiguity. When you edit an app, you can choose if you let it have color (default) or be in grayscale. For this to work, you need to do some permission thingy with your computer. What I think ratio needs is a way to change that default so the whole system is grayscale except for specified apps.


use retio Pc tool

This tool only activates a single permission on your phone in order to enable the Greyscale of Apps and App Lock features.

  1. Download the Desktop App from the links below.
  2. Have your phone with a USB cable ready (not connected)
  3. Open up the app and follow the instructions on the screen.

Nah, I think what he meant is that Greyscale is applied to every new app by default, not about how to apply.

For now the fastest way to put many apps in Greyscale as fast as possible is in the ratio settings, tiles, “edit apps and drawers”.

There you can turn off the color for all your apps without having to switch screens.

Hope this helps. :no_mouth:

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