Timer on lockscreen doesn't look right on certain wallpapers

So, I don’t know if this should go under Bugs or Feature Requests. Don’t know if this is known as I couldn’t find anything related to it. The timer is basically just white text in a black box but that is making it look bad on certain wallpapers like the one shown in the screenshot below.

Device: OnePlus 6
Version: 3.2.0

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Could you go into Ratio Settings and restart Ratio, to see if the issue persists?

Restarted both Ratio and device.
Removed and added new Timer card.

Issue persists.

This is what the box looks like:

It falls into the Feature Request category then. I was under the impression that something was being blocked in the top of the screen in your initial post. Edited my initial reply to reflect this (so I’m not misleading others who read this post).

The reason why there is a black box is so the numbers are readable even if the background is mostly white or light colors

I understand that. And it’s not like everyone will have a background like the one in the first screenshot. However, I think it would be wise to make it a full screen black background for timer on lockscreen in order to avoid the look in the first screenshot. Or any other approach that avoids the bad lockscreen look will do. I just thought the team should know. Hope a solution can be found for this.

Should I add this separately to Your Ratio Wishlist

What you’re saying makes sense. Maybe adding some transparency to the black background would help.
Please add it to the wishlist then :slight_smile:

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