Timer Card is Unreliable

The timer card isn’t that reliable for me. I set a timer for me to nap 10 mins and get back to a class. The timer’s volume was really low and then it stopped after a couple of seconds. I totally missed the timer and woke up after 30 mins.

I think that the volume should be a bit higher, or the ringtone could be changed entirely as this is just way too soothing for a timer.
What’s more, ratio crashed for me one time and the timer stopped. I think the timer is a crucial part that should run independant of ratio itself.
Other than that, I like that it’s available on the lock screen, and that it’s really easy to set up

I think you should post here since you are basically wishing for a louder timer and the option to change the sound it’s making. You should also specify when posting there what you mean by “independent of ratio itself”


Will do, thanks for that.
I mean independent of ratio itself as in that it’s another service, different from the ratio app. This would mean that if ratio was to crash, the timer service wouldn’t crash as well.

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