Tiles colour bug

My tiles colour is not changing even if I’m putting it to bright or dark highlight. Just the yellow ones are working.
Any solutions?

Are u using focus mode or not? If u r in focus mode only yellow will be changing. All the tiles will be appeared in outlines, right?

Ohh yeah, i was using focus mode and was not aware of it. It’s all working fine now. Thanks a lot😊
I think, there must be an icon or a notification that should remind the user about the focus mode status like, if is it on or off.

You can toggle focus mode on or off in home screen using the blloc icon at the bottom search bar on your right hand side. It is the only way you can tell wether it is on or off. Mine also had the focus mode and sun mode in my notification shade (pull down notification). There is no icon nor notification about focus mode status is on or off. :+1:

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