Thoughts on tree

Hey! new to this community and HIGHLY impressed by the execution of the vision that is Ratio launcher.

This seems like a highly active and WIP project so I’m sure the smaller nuances and breakages will be patched in time.
Some thoughts, specifically about the “Tree” component of the software:

It reminds me of what Blackberry tried to do with their “BB Hub” feature on the bbOS Z10/Q10 etc series of smartphones. It was a beautiful implementation of the same vision of bringing together all dispersed conversations into one umbrella app.

There’s obviously more apps to be added. Perhaps consider adding emails as well (customizable lists of accounts and senders allowed maybe)

The user actions are quite limited - I want to be able to mute, reply, and mark as read right from the conversation panel. Having to go to the app to do these beats the purpose of the Tree component.
It’s hard to implement the action sets per application, but thats exactly the challenge here.

The interface seems incomplete right now. Focusing on just the important parts is a design choice for minimum distractions, but there is a better balance between minimalism and features to be struck here.
And since “having a conversation” is part of using my phone as a communication tool - it’s not like I’m going to be distracted more by being able to use the full features of the native application - gifs, media, voice notes etc.

Let the users exploit the power of their devices and remove the “fluff”.
Thanks for making it this far.
And my heartiest gratitude to the whole team for making this. This is a phenomenal path to the future of UX on mobile devices.


Thank you for the suggestions and we appreciate the kind words!


I agree. Instead of rebuilding everything it could be better to focus on other places. I don’t use tree as it doesn’t give me the complete experience of the app, I endup opening the app again to perform some actions.

You guys can focus the efforts on somewhere else, I feel the tiles haven’t gotten much focus after initial works are done. Still the highlights colors aren’t distinct other that yellow, fonts color don’t go well in light modes at times.

Because of the above reasons, I go back to default launcher and only come once or twice a month to just check what has happened in ratio.