Thoughts after my first day of use

First I want to preempt this post by saying, I understand that this product is a work in progress and is still being developed. This is by no means me shitting on the hard work the developers are putting in. The following is simply what I’ve noticed and felt while using Ratio, along with some thoughts on things I was looking for, to improve the app. I also haven’t read any other review posts as I wanted to stay unbiased. I will also note that I’m running Ratio on my Samsung Galaxy S10.

I’ll start with the core of Ratio, the main screen. Most of the feedback here revolve around usability and design decisions, which I’m sure will be iterated upon and polished as it continues to develop. As it stands though I found setting this screen up the way I wanted it, incredibly irritating. Moving apps between drawers you’ve created and already consolidated works well. Getting more than one thing out of the app box is time consuming though. You either drag it through the rest of the apps or enter two additional screens to move the app. Multiple app selection for this some of the other toggleable options on the bottom of the data screen are a must.

Feature Wishlist for Drawer / Tiles:

  • Add an option to Align drawers to the bottom option. With phones still increasing in size, not having to stretch and reach across my entire phone for the topmost drawers (centered option), would go a long way for usability.

  • Add an option to change the press and hold button’s location in the search bar from the right to the left. This would again help with usability on larger devices.

  • Add an option to automatically close a drawer when a new one is opened. I found myself with most of my drawers open at once, cluttering the screen and removing some of what Ratio is trying to accomplish.

  • Pressing the home button closes all drawers. This would also help solve the above, but I also found myself in the middle of the app box and wanting to close everything and having to scroll all the way down to complete the draw close gesture.

  • Add an option that will default all drawers to being closed when returning to the home screen from another app.

  • Add an option that pulls the notification shade down when swiping down on drawers that can’t scroll anymore.

  • Option to not have to save changes every time we move/rearrange a tile manually.

  • Add an option to adjust font size of Ratio. Allow for different scaling based on what part of the app. Ex. Drawers and tiles have their own scales but there’s also a overall font scale.

Bugs I ran across:

  • Muted apps that played media or had a persistent notification still showed a notification pill on a closed drawer.

  • UI Overlapped with Androids software buttons on the individual app data / settings windows.

  • At one point during setting up my drawers, they reset to the default. I don’t think I did anything and I wasn’t able to reproduce the effect again.

Roots for the most part was fine. The only thing I’d mention is that scrolling through and interacting with them didn’t feel that great. Resizing in particular seemed to do nothing. Overall though, maybe too snappy? Not really sure what was wrong, controlling that screen just didn’t feel that great and pretty choppy. The screen overall was neat, probably one of the first implementations of notes that I’d actually use (since it automatically synced with bllocdesk. Though again didn’t feel that great to operate. Personally though I don’t see myself using to many of them, and the two I was sure would there (alarms and google bookmarks) weren’t. I’m sure this is more just a, not a priority right now thing so not a big deal really. Though I was surprised I wasn’t able to add my own apps that had similar functions to existing ones. Like being able to add a podcasts or an audio book player app since spotify already has music controls. Again a small thing I’m sure will be added later.

Feature Wishlist for Root Screen

  • Add an option for the pinned tasks to be pinned to the bottom. Again helps with usability on larger screens.

  • Add the notification shade quick toggles as a root option.

  • Add an option to enter a fullscreen version of the root card

Bugs I encountered

  • Root Notes, when pinned, won’t cycle through your different notes when the forward / back arrows are pressed.

  • Root Youtube would display a blank tile when added. Not sure if I didn’t add it correctly but I tried searches and specific channels with no luck.

Overall Miscellaneous / Minor Features Wishlist / Suggestions

  • Allow us to change the accent color

  • Add an option to change way notifications are displayed by flashing the drawer name instead of the pill.

  • Add a minimalist clock to the main screen

Overall Bugs I Encountered

  • After disconnecting phone from bllocdesk, after long periods of time or after computer sleep, phone wouldn’t reconnect until I shut down and reopened bllockdesk

  • Not sure if this is a bug but transferring files wirelessly over the local network using bllocdesk is very slow compared to what the computer / router is capable of handling.

  • Overall I’m liking the app but I probably won’t be using it as my 24/7 just yet but will continue to use it and post any other thoughts / bugs I find as I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff. I am interested in seeing where it’ll be in a couple of months.