This is rediculous

why do you over complicate things just to appear “professional”? just give out the apk, let us install it without the hassle of a faulty desktop app that keeps throwing errors making it impossible to quit or force quit it, asking a billion times for verification code, then saying device is not compatible when your website clearly says it is!

I’m on a bone stock oneplus 7 pro, did everything right and i’m still unable to install the app after waiting almost a month for it, and the over complicated procedure isn’t helping you, instead of questioning us about how much we’re willing to pay before getting links to your service, first think about how to correctly spread word about it and make it easy for the android community to get access to it. you aren’t dealing with people who love locked down systems such as iOS, the community loves to mod and tinker and try everything.

you;re onto something here but it just isn;t worth going through all the loops to try a buggy beta from a buggy desktop app. Not a good first impression


had to use another mac for it to install correctly

Hi @Cheezo thanks for your feedback.

We know that the process is a bit rough for now but please understand that we’re doing it like that for particular reasons, not just to “look professional” as you said.

Installing Ratio from a desktop app is necessary for now because features such as the greyscale/color more are just impossible to implement without either having a system app or without adding a special permission through a desktop. As “open” as you think that Android is, in fact it is getting more and more closed with each major update, from a third-party app developer perspective. And we completely understand the reasons for this evolution of Android, mainly security reasons, but because of that, such features are a hard trick to pull off if you’re not the device manufacturer/OS developer.

We’re also coming from this “OS developer” background as we were previously working on our own smartphone, the Zero18. We’re currently adapting this app as a third-party software so obviously some features are less straightforward to implement.
As you said, this is still a beta and the main reason is that we have to adapt our software to this big paradigm shift as developers.

However we’re hearing you loud and clear and we completely understand that the installation process is not smooth at all right now.
There will be a more straightforward solution in the weeks to come, one that doesn’t require a desktop.

Concerning the current installation solution, we’re aware of issues thanks to this kind of feedback and actively working on fixing them.

Thanks for your comprehension.


Hey @olivier,

Using Ratio now it really is an awesome Launcher, looks great and hopefully it will come out of Beta because i truly think it’s the best out there, i was frustrated because i was really looking forward to using it and got mad when it didn’t go smoothly.

I understand where your’e coming from and i wish you and the Blloc team all the success in your endeavors, espeially after browsing the community adn seeing how active it is.

Looking forward to your updates, Thanks for the explanation.


And I apologies for the “looking professional” statement, i didn’t mean insult and it was in the spur of the moment out of frustration.


No worries I understand the frustration :+1:
Thanks for the positivity!