Things to improve on in Ratio

Hey Team Blloc!
First of all: Really nice work! I like the aesthetics of your launcher a lot. Android now looks so much better now. It’s a real pleasure! :blush:
I installed Ratio yesterday evening on my Pixel 3 and I already notices some problems aswell as some ideas for future changes.
__Since I installed Ratio I have problems while using the YouTube-App. If I start playing a video, the control panel for the video will not disappear anymore; also if I’m changing the video to fullscreen. I already started the phone again, but the problem is still there.

__I added two additional news sources to the Root-news panel (The Verge, Die Zeit) but if I want to use them, I get the notification: ‘error: can’t reach the server, is internet on?’ But yes, the internet is on. :slight_smile:

__it would be nice to have an option to change the spacing between the menu points on the homescreen and the status bar on top of the screen. Maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist, but it would be nice to have some more space there. Right now the first menu point is very close to the status bar and the spacing is different compared to the individual menu points.

__I would really like to pin website links to the homescreen (like the apps right now) For example, I love using a specific website for translation, instead of an app. It would be cool, to have the possibility to pin the site directly on the menu.
__Also, it would nice to have the ability to change the color accents.

That’s it for now. Thank you a lot for Ratio! It’s awesome. Keep up the really great work! :blush:

  • The theme colour that is the lime green colour has a different hex code on the Desk App and the Ratio launcher.
  • Pls. add the Blloc Icon pack as the default icons look ugly on this launcher.
  • Add the 3D touch options on the release to edit page.
  • Connection between the Desk app and Phone is not stable.
  • The swipe down gesture feels a bit difficult to use.
  • Add the option to use other icon packs in the icon button on the edit page.
  • Desk app detects my phone as an OP7 pro when its just an OP7 not pro.

-Pranay (OnePlus 7 not pro)

Good morning @olivier and ratio community :blush:
I addition to my last post, I want to add two more things, I discovered recently on my Pixel 3.
First, if more than one app drawer is open (like on the photo) and I’m scrolling, lot of times my phone screen just turns black and the lockscreen appears. This makes the phone nearly unusable.

Second, the time synchronisation for how long I’m using my apps is not working correctly. (For example, it shows right now that I used the phone app for around an hour. But today I didn’t use it at all. - Guess it’s still the time from using it yesterday)
Maybe you can look at it. Again, thank you for the good work and all of you a nice Friday! :blush:

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Usage timing issue

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Hi Blloc team!
First if all, I’m loving the experience so far!! There are 2 things I’d like to recommend.

a) If we can have a separate tile which brings down the notification panel, that would be great!! OP7 is a big phone.

b) Having more then 3 headlines in “news” either by simply having a bigger area for news or by eliminating the ‘description’ part of the article. Because the description is usually the first line of the article, which is loosely the same as the headline.
Websites with a paywall (like Bloomberg) do not have the description part anyways.

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Hey Team! Just wanted to suggest that maybe having an easy way to delete drawers even when there is stuff in them would be nice. I have a lot of apps and currently they’ve all been automatically stuffed under “other” and I’d rather have them all in App Box and then add the ones I want into drawers as I go. Is this possible at all?

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