Things to improve on in Ratio

We are continuously working to make Ratio the best minimal and mindful Android launcher. If you have thoughts on what we can improve to make your experience better, please share here. A reminder to be constructive, specific, and respectful.

Thank you!


Hi Blloc team. First thing you guys are awesome. The launcher looks amazing and minimal. I just love it. But there are some issues I would like to address. I am using ratio on my OnePlus 7T.
1.) There is a white bar at the bottom of the screen when the notch is turned on. When I turned the notch area off the white bar was gone and the launcher was working fine. Please fix this asap. I have attached the screenshot, take a look.

2.) I would like to use the blloc keyboard, it looks amazing. Please launch a keyboard app or something on playstore so that people can use the blloc keyboard with ratio os.
3.) The root section have some issues. The weather can be seen properly but if i tap on alarm nothing is shown on the screen. If I type youtube the same thing happens nothing is shown.

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I used the Ratio os more and I recognised one more problem. The tree section is not working. When I tap on the new conversation button the screen is just blank and it just keeps on loading and nothing happens. Also I am using Ratio on my oneplus 7T.

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Hi Ayaaz!
Thanks for your feedback.

To answer your questions:

  1. white bar at the bottom: we’re aware of that and a fix will come soon.

  2. about the keyboard: I think Ismael just answered to this one on the wishlist topic.

  3. currently the Root is a bit raw for new users so we’re working on building a walkthrough but for now here’s what you’ve got to know:

How the Root currently works:

Basically the Root works by typing commands and typing a command is assisted with “hint pills” (the white pills) which are a kind of autocompletion to enter command parameters.

These are examples of valid commands:

  • weather here -> will fetch the weather for your current location
  • weather whateverLocationYouWant -> will fetch the weather for the provided location
  • youtube smartphones -> will perform a youtube search for the provided keywords (here “smartphones”)

Concerning the alarms, this service is completely outdated so we’ll remove it in the next update and put it back once we have a new implementation for it.

Hello Blloc team. I want to address one little problem in Ratio os. It is not even a problem actually. But the fonts and app icons and shapes everything in ratio os looks rough they are not smooth. The edges of the fonts and shapes are rough. I would like you to solve this problem. I know it will take time but just wanted to let you guys know. I am uploading the screenshot so that you can understand what I am trying to say.


Are the notification pills active on the OnePlus phones? I’d really like to see these.


Hi Benjamin, the notification pill are active but they require a specific permission, maybe it’s not currently enabled on your phone. Go to settings -> apps & notifications -> special app access (at the bottom) -> notification access -> Ratio -> turn it on.


Hi Ayaz, thanks for the feedback!
We’re aware of this problem, it appears that in some circumstances the fonts get aliased, and indeed it doesn’t look very good…
We will look into this more closely.

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How do you edit or remove items in your drawers

Hi Benjamin. To change a tile to another drawer you can to it in a number of ways:

1 - Long press on a tile and drag it to the drawer you want to put it in.

2 - Long press a tile and release, then the app dashboard will show up. At the bottom you can see a few options. The “move” option will let you choose another drawer to move that tile to.

3 - Long press a drawer title, then press the “+” icon. Then you’ll be taken to a screen where you can add and remove apps to that drawer

4 - Enter settings by tapping the tile with the title “Ratio settings”. then go to Tiles -> Edit apps and drawers. There you can choose several apps by long pressing them, then tap on the bottom right button to move them to another drawer.

So the experience with the launcher over all looks amazing the (I know it’s still a Beta ) but here’s some of the issues I found
1 - in root alarm keeps force stop and YouTube seems to show nothing (sometimes)
2- sometimes swiping home stops working (had to restart ratio to solve this )
3 - background opacity is a little glitchy from 0-5 only changes like from 100% to 80% and sometimes it remains black

Hi @manaf.alhashimi. Regarding issue #2 Which device are you using? on the pixel devices gesture navigation can cause issues since android 10 doesn’t offer support for third party launchers (Home apps). If you keep having problems with that, changing the navigation gestures for navigation buttons from the settings will solve it.

Yes it’s the pixel , well it didn’t happen again thankfully .
The other issues too , the only issue left is the alarm keeps force stopping the launcher

Would it be possible to have the Google Assistant working in conjunction with Ratio working? For me if I activate it, it works for one time. After that Ratio disables it.

They also disable night mode to…after uninstalling ratio still night mode doesn’t work…i have to reset my phone and its working… This is really a serious issue

Hi @lmaos and @sam.halder1994, thanks for your feedback.
We’re aware of these issues (using assistants and night mode) and indeed they are both pretty serious.
Just so you know, they are right now at the top of our bugs fixes list so we should publish a fix in a few days.

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Feature that I’d like to see added are as follows:

  1. Ability to double-tap on the home screen to lock the device, similar to the default function on OnePlus Launcher.

  2. A toggle to show/hide the search bar on the bottom of the home page (the one that lets you search for apps). I didn’t see an option anywhere and I think the homescreen will look clean without it. Maybe we can just have the search bar disappear while still having the function dot active.

If I find anything else I’ll update this post.

BTW loving the launcher! Absolutely worth the wait and exactly what I was looking for.

  1. Put the drawers at the bottom of the screen.
    It is always nice to be able to reach my most essential apps easily. As the list of drawers start from top, I am always having to reach the furthest corner of the phone to tap the phone icon which is not fun at all.
    The only way to do what I am trying to achieve seems like adding lots of drawers to fill up the whole screen to be able put the essential drawer at the bottom.

  2. Alphabetical apps sorting in the drawer
    When you have lots of app installed, you do not really remember the name of all of them which means we can not always search for the app. It would therefore be convenient to be able to sort the apps alphabetically whenever needed.


How do I create a new drawer?

Long press on blloc icon in tiles and swipe to new drawer

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