The Root - editable widget and non mainstream/US thinking

Hello! As swiss based user, i dont use at all The Roots, which is very american: I have much better weather forecast on the official swiss app, I dont get news where you have them (mainstream US), I use mp3 and not spotify (personnal choice - and I am a DJ too)…
On top of this, I cannot really figure how an alternative system like Blloc, trying to bypass company based apps mind trickeries, can decide that we all watch CNN : it seems the contrary of what is proposed there.
Why not make like the former OSX widget where users can integrate any small window of a website? We would then have freedom to have the local forecast, the needed news feed (could be customable in another way with RSS anyway). It would also be muche friendlier (and less “colonising”) for non US people like me.
Thx for everything!

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I’d like to mention that your ideas would probably have their proper place on the Ratio wish list which you can find here:

Otherwise the developers might not even see this.

Thank you ! (I’m new…)

Don’t worry! :slight_smile:

It’s a valid point though, not just asking for new features. About the news root, you can actually choose different sources (I personally follow AJ English a lot). I think that there’s much more to come in further development of Ratio, like Roots for many other apps (e.g. music players). But the question you raised is interesting: is Ratio just a different wrap of the usual or a true alternative?

I agree, the question raised is indeed interesting. For my part, ironically, I’d like to get a connection of the root news to my own Google news feed because I’m quite enjoying the algorithm. At the moment I can only choose from a selection of various Google news variants for different countries but not my personal feed. Maybe I just like to live in my filter bubble? Quite possible. The possibility to provide RSS capabilities is a must in my opinion as well, although that wouldn’t make me able to get said personal Google news feed I guess…

The weather forecast is a different story. I must say that on one side it’s not very precise for me and I think there are apps that’d certainly provide a better one. On the other side though I’m really pleased by the aesthetics of the simple interface which perfectly blends in with Ratio. In an ideal world the Ratio widget could gather information from many different providers and the one that’s most precise for me would be among them I guess. But that’d be quite a lot of work I think. Is weather information standardized at the moment and how many provide open source so far? That’d be a good question in that direction I guess.

About the MP3 widget I agree and think Ratio should provide more alternatives to Spotify. That’s already on the wishlist for many apps. Not for MP3 though which might relate to the fact that rarely anyone uses their own MP3 library anymore as far as I experience. I don’t know how much work it would be but I’d be okay with a MP3 widget.

To finally get to the main point though. ^^’
I am not familiar with the OSX widget but I would guess that it could solve most of the problems described. I would guess though that it would also not fit in with the rest of the ratio looks, would it? (I really don’t know)
To me it’s most important that widgets don’t look alien. If the OSX widget makes it possible to integrate anything, it will probably look alien (to me). So I’m sceptical. Maybe I’m wrong here though and the OSX widget also could be made “ratio-looking”?

To long, didn’t read: I’d agree we need RSS feed capabilities and it would be great if the ratio weather forecast could integrate information from various providers so it can be made more precise. MP3 widget would be okay if anyone else maybe wants it and/or it is not a lot of work, the first point of this equation is more important in my opinion as it’ll most likely be quite some work anyways.

Finally I’d like to raise another point regarding this topic which I personally find important. I do not think that an app or anything in this world can be all inclusive without being something akin to the concept of god. Things are in delineation to what they are not, as far as I’m concerned. This is not supposed to get too philosophical but it has some relevance in so far as the Blloc team has to decide what the app is supposed to be and what it won’t be as it can’t be anything (and hopefully won’t be nothing either). They do that on a regular basis (they also did that when they started developing this) and the question has to be raised which direction this is going. I find it good that we can participate on a wish list that actually gets attention by the devs. That’s more than what is usually done. Usually I’d have to wait until a product is ready and then I’d have to decide whether I like it nor not and if I want to buy it or not. To make it short: there will always be people who are displeased by the direction this is going but what I want to say that we already have quite the option to participate with the wishlist and it’s quite a democratic one as people can +1 (or post the wish twice or give a heart to the post since we are not supposed to +1).

I’m only raising this point as I don’t really enjoy the word “colonising” as it somewhat implies (to me) the use of force to make me use something I don’t want to (in this context, of course colonising has another meaning in context of history which it has been borrowed from and another one in microbiology also)

To make this short: I don’t think Ratio or Blloc wants to colonise me and the ultima ratio would be to not use it. Via the wishlist and this forum we already have a great variety to participate in the making of this app but I find it irritating to say that an app is colonising because it doesn’t fit in with my needs.

Hope I’m not breaking loose anything and if I’m fatally wrong (or understanding something that was meant differently wrong) I’d really like to be corrected but that was bugging me a bit.