The overall Tiles Screen

Hello there.
Going straight to the topic, the light mode has a few, for lack of a better word, “bugs”.

  1. In this screenshot, you can see that the Drawer text looks just the opposite of what Ratio normally looks, that is this looks un-aesthetic. Now I have Nooooooooo Idea how this can be made to look better but I love that wallpaper so pleaseeeee look into it.

  1. The app tiles with fingerprint are transparent instead of translucent. I hope you will fix that in the next update.

  1. And finally, as many users have already pointed out, the custom wallpaper issue in recent apps screen. When I switch to light mode, the custom wallpaper changes to the one I set for light theme, but when I swipe up to open recent apps, it shows black. Now mind you, in the below GIF this creates a nice effect and I probably shouldn’t be complaining but other other people still face this issue.

Idk why but the Gif isn’t showing up. So you need to figure out from the text only. Sorry.


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