Thanks for the brilliant Ratio!

I’ve been using Ratio lite on my Oneplus 8 for a week. Wow, brilliant app…well its much more than an app really:

  1. Awesome effect on my phone use / behaviour.
  2. Critical thing is I feel still as connected as I want to be, but I get rid of distractions.
  3. Lovely GUI. Kudos to the UX team.

It takes a few days to get used to. For the masses, a video tutorial is needed?

I have app drawers I want and lïke that I can arrange apps as I want. For the App Box though… How to alphabetise the app list?

Root is brilliant too, I wonder if I’ll be able to delete just one card rather than all of them?

Looking forward to trying the Pro version. Can’t at the moment as I only have ChromeOS or Linux.

Can’t wait to see developments! THANK YOU!