Sync Photos using USB connection on Mac

Connected to BllocDesk over wifi, and then tried connecting via USB. The option to USB debugging pops up on the phone

  • If I allow - the file transfer doesn’t work
  • If I cancel the option and select file transfer, the Android File Transfer fails to recognize connected device

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.


AFAIK you can only use one utility at once from Blloc Desk / Android File Transfer. So it is you either use AFT or Blloc Desk. IMO Using AFT is better at this point of time.

To get a better answer, I’ll Invite @Mazen @adham @internetjohnny

Blloc desk uses USB (when connected) to do the heavy lifting to make file-transfer faster. For this to work USB debugging has to be working. In other words, Blloc desk can do file transfer as well so you don’t need normal Android File Transfer. Does this answer your question?

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Hi @Mazen, I was connected via USB and wifi when i turned on the sync. But i think the sync process was still done over wifi. Is there a way to select the mode of transfer? Can that be added if it isn’t there?