Swiping Right in Root Menu is Unreliable

I am encountering an issue where horizontal swipes from the Root screen to the Tile screen are not being registered.

Often the horizontal swipe simply doesn’t register. More annoyingly, sometimes the swipe doesn’t register and instead registers as an up/down swipe that scrolls the widgets down and increases the dead-zone space on the top. In that case I have to scroll back down, and then attempt the horizontal swipe again. And there’s a third annoyance in this common failure sequence as well - up/down swiping in the Root menu feels sludgy. Sometimes the widgets slide down just a few pixels, sometimes they slide down significantly. It’s unpredictable. It should feel glassy with a momentum that bounces off of the edge, not sludgy like dragging through lumpy mud, if that makes sense. So the failure case is [horizontal swipe from Root->Tile fails to register, unwanted down swipe registers instead and slides widgets down, user then swipes back down, but is unable to be sure that the widgets are back at the top because the scrolling is sludgy and unreliable. User then swipes down a second time to ensure that widgets are properly re-centered. User then attempts the horizontal swipe again.)

I’m not sure if I am the only user experiencing this, but it’s annoying and janky/buggy enough that I am seriously considering dropping the launcher simply due to this part of the experience.

Also, I only have a few widgets that only fill 60% of the screen, so why is horizontal scrolling enabled on the Root screen? There is nothing but dead-space above (I have no permanent notifications enabled). It makes no sense to have horizontal scrolling for a screen where content takes up 60% of the screen. Unnecessary and annoying.

Other than that, the experience and performance of the launcher is fantastic.

(Pixel 6/Android 12)

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Sorry to hear about your problem but it is related to your device *Pixel 6, android 12.
Mine Vivo 1904, android 11 never encountered such behaviour since using Ratio 5.
You should talk to Google and have them fix it. That’s the appropriate solution at the moment.