Supporting older versions of Android

Hello, I’m kind of new to this community, but I follow for a long time its ideals. I wanted to ask if phones running older versions of android would be supported soon. If it wasn’t planned then I suggest that it should be.

Ratio wants to give the user some freedom back, and enable him to be more productive with his time and energy. Thus it should be available to as many devices as possible just like any other launcher is.
I truly believe Ratio is amazing and I only want to see more and more users getting their hand on it, without having to upgrade their smartphone.
If what I suggest already is in the plans, then when can we expect it to be released to these versions?


Same here. I’ve received my invitation, however it says my android version is below 8.1. My android version is 8.0. I have been really looking forward to using this launcher. Please add for older android versions :))

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