Support for Xiaomi Redmi 6 pro

Device brand and model:

Xiaomi Redmi 6 pro

Ratio version: 3.2.1:1

Problems encountered when using ratio:

While watching YouTube in full screen screen rotates repetitively to portrait and landscape even when phone is not rotated and auto rotation is disabled.
This happens every time I switch to full screen in YouTube and even when game is launched in full screen.


Please update ratio to latest code push. It’s is 3.2.1:22.

Don’t worry I also faced similar issue and I thought it’s due to vanced app not ratio. But now you are saying the same issue. Wait for Dev to look into this

Same thing with me the screen rotates itself.
Device:Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro.

Hi I updated it 3.2.1:22 bit face same issue for YouTube.
also colour option does not work this is for all the apps installed on phone

It will only work when installing via bllocdesk

Yes installed via Bllocdesk.

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Did you checked in accessibility settings in your device that color mode is enabled or not?

It is already enabled.

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OK. As far as I know this error popup message will only come when install via apk or blloc services for the first time. If you installed via bllocdesk it will not come. Please reinstall ratio. A fresh install from bllocdesk. Try this. If it still be a problem then Dev needs to look into this.

Reinstalled using Bllocdesk after uninstalling completely and enabled color mide in accessibility but still same problem.