Support for Pixel 5?

Hi guys, I’m planning to purchase the 5 on launch day, is it safe to assume support for Ratio on Pixel 5 will be provided? I know I won’t get the device until mid to late Oct, but just wondering if I will have to put up with the pixel Launcher for a few weeks or not? :grin:

^^First world problem at its finest :sweat_smile:

Also, assuming I can follow the guidance in other threads about requesting a code reset to allow for multiple phones running Ratio under the same user account…

Cheers fam!



We won’t know if Ratio will work 100% fine with the Pixel 5, but then again, that’s all part and parcel of beta software! Hopefully, if you do manage to get it, you’ll continue contributing - be it through giving your ideas, or reporting bugs - to make the Pixel 5 a supported device! :heart:


It should work but it would need to be optimised…

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I’m rather sure the Pixel 5 is going to get support from Blloc as various other Pixel Models are supported. :blush:


I’ve had the pixel 5 for two days now. Ratio installed. I’m not seeing any issues yet, was even able to restore tile layout from pixel 4xl. Giddy up! :grin:

Edit : just noticed that the time counter for time spent in each drawer is not summarised on the right side like it did on the pixel 4 xl. Have rebooted ratio and tried every config option in menu that was remotely aligned.


This s just a permissions issue. Now Granted and, naturally, it works. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: