Support for Parallel Apps

Hi Team Ratio,

I have successfully installed the Ratio launcher and is mighty impressed by the minimalist UI. However, am unable to find support for Parallel Apps.
Also am unable to edit app drawer using ADD/REMOVE option, I have to drag the tile or use the MOVE option to rearrange and categorize.


There is another way to move apps between categories. Long press on drawer name and you can see lock icon and plus icon. You can add any apps to any category you want by doing this. Parallel apps some posts are already there. I will post it here for your reference

That’s exactly how I have been trying to add apps, however, it the changes doesn’t take place. Thank you for replying and sharing though

Oh. I never hear any issues related to this. Don’t know where it’s going wrong. Please share screen shot for reference

May I please expand on this and ask for support for Android Work Profiles? I’m not sure if this is what OnePlus uses for its Parallel Apps feature, but the issue is the same - Ratio doesn’t display any apps from the Work Profile, so I have to resort to using a third-party launcher, or going back to the stock Pixel launcher. Not being able to launch my work apps is a deal breaker. :frowning: