Support for Moto G5 Plus

Device brand and model: Moto G5 Plus

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Hi @Sahil1, welcome aboard!

Your thread doesn’t seem to match the requirements for this category; would you mind making changes following this thread?

Doing so validates that your device is indeed a supported one and will increase the chances of it being marked as supported. Thank you!

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To be honest @areoen, seeing all these half baked support requests is really bugging me lately…

I’m getting quite resistent to them as it happens more often these days that we get support requests that are not properly filled out than ones that deliver all the information. It’s not only the Screenshots that are missing (the “hardest part” because it takes time to make them), not even the RATIO VERSION is filled in these days…I am not willing to regard it as being a simple mistake anymore…in cases like that, either the post template for this category was not read, or not understood, or not cared about. Well, I don’t want to go on a rage trip here and since @Sahil1 is new to the forum (welcome by the way :blush:) and I’m inherently glad about new people I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and wait for it.

But as soon as @olivier gives me the okay, I’ll reply to each and every new support request that gets to this forum if it’s not properly filled out and I’ll assist them to fill out each and every information if necessary, but if that’s not done within a month, I would consider deleting it. Because I think a support request with just the device name is not really useful to the devs.

Since I wrote this with more…let’s say emotional energy than usual, please correct me if I left the right path somewhere…


You aren’t. Even I’m tired of people being entitled and demanding stuff. At least they should read the rules before trying to post.

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