Support for LG Phone

i wonder if it supported with my LG G6.

i’ve been used ratio in other phone for months (sharp aquos) and it was great. even it worked on my xiaomi redmi note 3 pro. sadly for G6 it does not available at play store :frowning: . will it have further update for supported devices. thanks.

It is available for G6, just that for some regions Ratio isn’t popping up in playstore. You can find it using this link

i’ve clicked the link and it still not available. maybe for the H870DS are still not supported.

Ratio is not supported on devices below Android 8.1 . Your device is most probably not supported due to the same reason.

This is the minimum req, but AFAIK LG G6 has A10 update available, No?
Anyways I’ll take a note of this. Can you confirm your Android version?

i’ve been looking my android version. my redmi note 3 pro are currently on 8.1 and my g6 sadly are stuck at android 8. kinda bummer that my version couldn’t get any further update until pie while the rest of g6 globals could :frowning: . anyway thanks for the information though.

Ah! there’s the issue then. A8.1+ is supported. Check for updates, LG G6 are running Pie already!

yeah like i’ve said before. most of G6 global are having the pie except that indonesian Dual Sim version are stucked at 8.0 . sadly my version was H870DS which was the indonesian model.