Suggestions for Ratio


Just a little disclaimer before I get into it, these are my personal suggestions with the time I’ve had with Ratio. They may not be all necessary but will greatly improve my experience with this app.

Firstly, I’ve found that when expanding apps like Settings or Contacts, you can see some suggestions like being able to turn on Wi-Fi and call your favorite contact. However, I would like to have some sort of customizability with those suggestions, to be able to edit those and maybe add another contact or add a turn on mobile data button (one which I use frequently)

Secondly, one gripe I have with Ratio is the lack of color customizability. Don’t get me wrong though, I like the minimal aesthetic and colors but neon green/yellow isn’t one of my favorite colors. I have also found that this color may be a bit too bright considering everything else in the launcher is dark, making night usage a bit hard.

Thirdly, the Blocc settings could be better implemented with the search bar when holding the button down. I feel like this is way more intuitive than keeping it as its own block which you are unable to hide.

Fourthly, I would really appreciate if you could sync up your notes with Google Keep or Evernote and Calendar with Google Calendar. I don’t haven’t used notes or calendar in Ratio because I use Google’s applications and services which sync up nicely with my Gmail account.

Lastly, speaking of the search bar, it’s a bit of an eye-sore down there. Maybe making it a swipe up/down to search function can clean up that area.

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Hi there. Welcome to the community.
Glad that you have come up with few suggestions for improving ratio.

With regards to feature requests and suggestions, there is a thread for posting them.

You can post all your feature requests there.