Suggestions for New Features

This app is the best minimal launcher I’ve ever used. As many user have spoken about it and since Ratio is being developed on big/large phones like OnePlus 7/7T Pro or Pixel 4Xl, it would be better to to make the launcher one-handed compatible. For this I’ve a few ideas:

  1. When close the apps drawers on the home screen, it can show the list on the bottom instead of top. So we can open any drawer without reaching to the top of the screen. It’s sad that OnePlus removed the one-handed mode that they introduced in Open beta 8. I know this would ruin the design aspect. But according to my opinion the list just above the search bar doesn’t look bad.

  2. A way to open notification panel in an easier way. For this I have a brilliant idea. Just the blloc button on the bottom of the screen. Since we already have hold blloc button for Sun Mode, Focus Mode and New App Drawer option, on swiping the button down or left ( small swipe would suffice) it could open the notification.

  3. PLEASE ADD THIS IN THE NEXT UPDATE Add a tile or double tap to lock screen (when all app drawers are closed) feature. This a feature every launcher and even smartphone stock launchers have today. Right now I’m using an app to lock screen which I’ve placed in the favourites tab which is open most of the time. But why have an extra app when it can be integrated within the app.

Thanks for reading so far. I hope people at Blloc consider my suggestion and bring in the changes


Hey! Thanks for the suggestions. The last one seems to be quite requested. As more people come, more bug fixes and more features are added. Thanks for helping out!