Suggestions & Concerns

I am new to Ratio, tested it fr a Day…Have few suggestions and Concerns:

  • Want add more categories apart from defaults. No Provisions to add list like Banks, Games, Camera,etc
  • In root, Few cared are not rendering like youtube, converter, etc
  • In root, Search should use other search engines also like Google
  • Some Basic gestures are required to open Notifications
  • In My version, Tree is not available
  • other tile color option should be available other than Yellow

As of this much…Will Tune in later…

Hey welcome to the community!!!

Thanks for your feedback.

  1. You can always add your own lists. Make sure to edit drawers on the Blloc settings :slight_smile:
    2 and 3. Known issues.
  2. Can you describe more
  3. Tree is coming (no one has it yet)
  4. Also, coming soon :slight_smile:

Thank you @jbriones95.
I own a oneplus 7 pro, which is a big phone. To open notification drawer from top, I have to use both hands.
It would be good if some how, we can remove notification from Notification Drawer as soon we open app from tiles
Add gesture like double finger swipe down should open notification drawer (just an example)

Yes! There are some other users that are asking for this, so hold tight and features will come in batches. This is why the team is working super hard to make sure that the launcher when it comes out of Beta is the best experience!

After new update, Ratio is more stable now.

From above list adding few more suggestion:

  • Long press in tiles open setting related to app, however app system setting shall also be made available. This is to directly go in system app settings and play with permissions, battery optimization, etc.
  • Parallel apps/work profile not working it seems. Good to have feature for devices like OnePlus 7 Pro


  • Double tap lock not working
  • Many instances happens like, if I long app tile and go to app customization and just comes back without doing anything; apps expand enables automatically.

As of this much…Will Tune in later…