Suggestions & Concerns-2

After new update, Ratio is more stable now.

From above list adding few more suggestion:

  • Long press in tiles open setting related to app, however app system setting shall also be made available. This is to directly go in system app settings and play with permissions, battery optimization, etc.
  • Parallel apps/work profile not working it seems. Good to have feature for devices like OnePlus 7 Pro
  • Having a backup utility of configuration is must. I frequently formats phone, in this case arranging tiles and configuring root and other settings is really tedious with Ratio.


  • Double tap lock not working
  • Many instances happens like, if I long app tile and go to app customization and just comes back without doing anything; apps expand enables automatically.
  • Color option not working. Means apps doesn’t switch to black and white mode and vice versa

As of this much…Will Tune in later…

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All are reported and are being worked upon. Thank you.

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