[Suggestions] BllocDesk

I found BllocDesk pretty useful for syncing the phone data, especially the camera pics and videos though it needs a lot of optimization. I have the following suggestions on the Photos sync function:

  1. Create identical sub-folders in the sync folder - my whatsapp meme, instagram saves, reddit saves, screenshots, etc. all are are getting mixed with the camera images which is never a desirable thing. It renders the whole concept of syncing, useless.
  2. An option to move or copy will be great - I sometime do not need 2 copies of the same image/file.
  3. A setup screen while starting the first sync which will give user to choose the destination folder. Sub-folders will be created in this folder.
  4. Ratio should index all the images folder beforehand while running on the phone so that when blloc is connected, it should not show the folders one by one.
  5. The folders should not start to sync as soon as they are discovered. Users should be given choice for it.
  6. The Photos page of BllocDesk does not scroll
  7. There is no indication about which folder is getting synced.
  8. Need an option for re-sync a single/multiple file as sometimes the files are getting corrupt.

So these are my initial observation on the BllocDesk sync. I would be exploring more and will add some more suggestions. Hope the developers adopt them.