Suggestions after a month of use

Ratio is an interesting idea, mostly if you succeed to deliver the tree feature and keep it stable (I am thinking the huge implications… Anyway) Here are some suggestions after a month full use. I will not mention bugs etc.

  1. On weather card, when we move the dot on the line, we don’t see which hour we focus, so I am never sure if I am looking the weather for the right time of the day.

  2. As others mention, add full Google search (and maybe full phone, contact, etc search) on the bottom bar.

  3. Add ability to choose many tiles to move them by one drag and drop move.

  4. More accent colors. Take a look on opera gx for example.

  5. Tiles with fancionality as wifi on/off etc.

  6. Universal settings for group as monocrom on off.

  7. Option for colored tiles. I may like to have some colored tiles as mail or even all for a day or two per month. It’s make feel a color balance in my mind.

I will return with more suggestions if I see more opportunities. Thank you for your work until today.


All your suggestions are in product Vision. For the first one

For others like 2, 4 and 5 check the below the link

For the weather time it will come when dot is in movement. For the little moment time will come.


I agree on the weather card. It should have the time.


I wholeheartly agree with all this. Basically we had the same suggestions overall, specially on the Costume colors for the Tiles.

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