[SUGGESTION] Today and Weather on Drawers/Root pages

Hi guys,

I noticed I was struggling to find today’s date or weather in this case which was a few steps ahead. Might I suggest if we can do something like the below.

Let me know if this makes sense.


What do you think @Ismael @olivier ?

Hi @Silvertongue! thanks a lot for the suggestion, I personally think it looks inline with our whole UI and I’m pretty sure it would be very useful for many people. We’ll definitely discuss it with the designers, although I can’t promise it will be implemented. This new element might not be compatible with some ideas we plan to implement in the future, but be sure that the designers will consider this idea. Thank a lot for posting it! and if you have more please let us know :muscle:


Much appreciated @Ismael . Thanks for your feedback which drives more motivation to think about Ideas for this project as a consumer. This was anyway just a minor tip over my head and I am sure your team is way ahead in the plans. Trust and support with y’all. Keep up the good work.