Suggestion: Make drawers editable from the bllocdesk app and improve battery

title. editing the drawers is a bit finicky, especially adding new ones. A nice function would be an implementation of “drawer Editor” from the bllocDesk, which would be more handy. don’t know if it’s on the roadmap, but it’s an idea. also, optimize the battery, since i used blloc launcher i noticed that the battery doesn’t last as long as it used with OneUI. i enabled automatic suspension and it seems to be helping a bit, but still

edit: forgot to mention: also can we have a choice for a search engine in the root?

It will open in browser for me. My default is brave and everytime I search it opens in brave browser. I use Google as my default search engine in brave

i meant search engine, not web browser, like duckduckgo, startpage, searx and so on. qwant is nice but i get mixed results.

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For me it’s opening in browser only. I first selected Google search and it asks for browser to open I selected brave in that.

Is this Google search in root will look like qwant like I line searchs or external search using browser

I don’t know really