Suggestion for news card and music and weather in #ratio's Root

Hi Blloc Team,

Few of my thoughts to improve #ratio functionality even smoother.

1. News Card

I have added few news sources in my news list in ratio.

  • As-Is Process:
    When clicking news and press enter without hitting any news sources name its not showing anything. no error and nothing.

  • To-Be
    When clicking news and press enter without hitting any news sources it will display latest news from all news sources that i have added in #ratio. So, i no need to click every single news sources name until i need to read news from specific source. This would be really helpful

    2. Music control for all Apps
  • As-Is Process
    There is only spotify controls are available. Other than that no other music apps are supported.

  • To-Be Process
    a)When connecting headphones why a new card popup in root for that music application with media controls.
    b)Any app which can play media in background will have this card with media controls. This should be useful and needed one.

    3. Weather card
  • As-Is process
    When clicking weather in root and it asks for location. It takes 2 taps to get location information what you want. When pressing enter without location nothing happens.

  • To-Be
    a) When clicking weather will display default location’s weather card instead of asking for location.
    b) When pressing enter after selecting weather instead of nothing happens just bring up the default location’s weather card

@olivier @Ismael @adham @jbriones95


It would be great to have these features.:+1:

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Thanks for your support. Hope dev will consider this.

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Thanks for the suggestions :+1:

Can you clarify what you mean by “default location” ?

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home location.i am guessing…

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That makes sense indeed :+1:

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Hi olivier,

Yes. I meant home location. Like if I use Berlin for 3 to 5 times then 6th time it will show weather for Berlin if I click weather itself or weather and press enter.

I think clicking weather and press enter would give home location weather details and if you want other location instead press enter with empty location type location user wants. This would work for any location and also home location without breaking any functionality or adding it in ratio settings. Ratio would automatically recognize location which was used for a day or some.

Hope I explained correctly.