Stuck on Step 8/9

I’m trying to install Blloc Pro via my MacBook Pro on Samsung M10 and I keep getting this error. SS atached.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :pray:

What’s the android version?

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Android Version 9.

Okay. What is the chipset in your phone?

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Samsung Exynos Octa 7870 1.59GHz
Architecture: 8X ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1.59 GHz

@B_Wrath this issue due to arm version I guess as you mentioned in another thread @hankkoll

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Yes. This is due to the arm implementer version.
I still don’t know why it happens though. It should work on any arm v8a chipset.

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Uh ohh… So no way to install it then? I’m not able to install Ratio Lite too.

Yup. No way to install. The devs know about it though.

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Okay cool. Thanks for your help. Appreciate it. Also to @freyjasasi Thanks man.:v: